Curonian spit


The Curonian spit is a natural formation. It took several thousand years for the spit to shape out from the sands blown by the wind and dragged by the sea waves and to finally form a narrow sandy neck of land that separates the Curonian Gulf from the Baltic Sea.
The gulf's water is sweet and the gulf's bottom level is higher than the bottom level of the sea. The spit is about 100 km long (98 km, to be more precise) and connects the Kaliningrad region with Lithuania. Its widest part is 3.8 km and the narrowest point is 400 m.
This place has no rivals in the world. Try to cross the spit from gulf to sea and you will notice how the landscape changes from a bare desert to a pine forest.
The vegetation of the spit is quite diverse, varying from the taiga-like plants, mountain pines, and alder-trees to the tumbleweeds rolling in the deserts of the sand dunes rising up to 70 m high. The sand dunes are constantly changing. The highest dune Efa opens a breath-taking panoramic view of both the gulf and the Baltic Sea.
The hotels on the Curonian spit are nice and comfortable offering high quality services at good prices. The personnel are friendly and hospitable, doing their best to give maximum attention and care to their clients.
For many centuries the Curonian spit was the place of attraction for migrant birds, which was very important for the German ornithologists, who in 1901 set up here a bird-ringing station Fringilla, called so after the Latin name of chaffinches, a bird specie nesting and flocking here in great number. The size of the Curonian spit is astonishing, it has no analogies in the world; its majestic scenery and the lavishness of the flora and fauna cannot but amaze the tourists.

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