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Svetlogorsk is situated in the historical region Sambia of East Prussia. A Sambian fishermen set-tlement named Ruse-moter (translated as 'region of cellars') at the place of Svetlogorsk was first mentioned in 1258. The Teutonic Order that conquered the land gradually corrupted the name into Rause-moter, Raushe-moter, and finally Rauschen.

In the early 19th century, the place became fashionable among German vacationers.

On June 24, 1820 it was officially recognized as a spa town. During his visit to Rauschen in 1840, King Fre-derick William IV of Prussia ordered the sea embankment to be beautified. The arrival of the Königsberg railway in 1900 boosted the resort's popularity. A cable railway and a racecourse were constructed in Rauschen before World War I. Carl Otto Nicolai and Thomas Mann were among the celebrities who stayed there.

In 1945 Rauschen became part of the Kaliningrad Oblast and in 1946 the town was renamed to Svetlogorsk. Today it is a moderately popular summer resort town thanks to its beachfront and many spas, clubs and attractions.

Svetlogorsk is situated on the scenic steep cliffs and is a resort of the federal significance offer-ing a wide range of recreational and recuperation services. It is only 30 kilometers from Kaliningrad and is easily reached by car, bus or suburban train.

The resort became famous at the beginning of the XXth century when it was the favorite summer resort. The wealth and taste of that era remains in the extraordinary variety of buildings, including its famous Water Tower.

Most of these have been fully restored.The German sculptor, Hermann Brachert (1890-1972), lived in the town before the war.

In good weather a walk along the promenade is always a pleasure and, after a storm,you can search for pieces of amber on the beach.The natural beauty of the area remains unspoiled – you can enjoy the sand dunes, the pine woods, the medicinal mud and the mineral water, just as the citizens of Koenigsberg did at the beginning of the last century.

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