Zelenogradsk - Cranz


The site of today's Zelenogradsk was originally an Old Prussian fishing village, in the proximity of Kaup, a Prussian town on the coast of the Baltic Sea in the Viking era.

The area became con-trolled by the Teutonic Knights and settled with Germans. The German name Cranz, originally Cranzkuhren, derives from the Old Prussian word krantas, meaning "the coast".
For most of its history it remained a small village in East Prussia.


During the 19th century, the village became the primary seaside resort for the Kingdom of Prus-sia on the East Prussian coastline, especially after the construction of a railway line connecting the village with Königsberg (now Kaliningrad) in 1885. From 1816–1895 it was known as das königliche Bad, or "the royal bath/resort". Despite the increase of tourists, the fishing industry remained strong; smoked flounder was a regional delicacy. Although it had over 6,000 inhabi-tants before the beginning of World War II, it did not have town privileges.
The area was overrun by the Soviet Red Army during World War II and annexed to Russia, although it suffered minimally through warfare. The German population fled during the evacuation of East Prussia or was subsequently expelled by force. The village, renamed from Cranz to Zelenogradsk or "Green City" in Russian, received a civic charter after 1945.

The tourism industry was neglected during the Cold War and Zelenogradsk's tourism primacy was relinquished to nearby Svetlogorsk (formerly Rauschen). This policy changed in recent years.

Zelenogradsk preserves the charm of a small flat sea town with its streets leading to the man-made parapet on the seaside. The underwater sea currents create most favourable resort condi-tions in this area. The neat sandy beaches and the tranquility of the place will soothe you and the air enriched with iodine and pine aromas will add some romantic notes to your mood. It seems, the sun is hotter here and gives its warmth to the ground more generously than in any other place of the coast. Already in springtime, you can sunbathe here, grilling in the sun. A few steps away from the parapet and there you are, facing the numerous small nice cafes offering good services and prices. Nearby the life-saving station, there is a playground for children with a number of swings and a trampoline. You can rent a water-bike, in case you want to ride the sea waves. Pensions, resthouses, guesthouses, and hotels are in large number here to accommodate tourists and holiday-makers.
Zelenogradsk is located within a 10 minutes drive from the unique sanctuary 'the Curonian spit', where you can get acquainted with an amazing world of harmony and contrasts and where a spe-cial microclimate makes it possible for the relict plants to grow, some of them have been entered into the Red Book.

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