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Kaliningrad City tour - The History and Modern Life of Kaliningrad

Excursion includes the history of the city from the beginning of its foundation (1225) till our days, its historical and cultural development as a capital of East Prussia – Koenigsberg.
It is also about the events of The World War II, the restoration of the ruined city, the development of its economy and culture in postwar years.

Kaliningrad’s visitors may discover 790-year history of the city.
I. Kant, great philosopher (1724-1804) – is the most famous citizen of the city. His tomb is at the walls of the Cathedral and 2 premises in a museum of the cathedral are devoted to his life and work.
During the excursion you will see the ancient gates such as the King Gate – formerly the main gate of Königsberg, Rosgarten gate, Friedland Gate, Branderburg gate and some others.
The famous Amber museum will present you the exposition of amber industry of the region from the past to present days,it's agood chance to buy amber souvenirs here. Luisen Church (now a Puppet theatre), State drama theater, the Holy Family church, as well as statues of I.Kant and Schiller, the former stock exchange building on the banks of the Pregel River, green and quiet streets of old Königsberg – you'll see all these sights and places.

The Beauty of Zemland peninsula - Zelenogradsk - Svetlogorsk

A one-day trip along the Zemland Peninsula offers tourists the chance to visit Zelenogradsk( Cranz) and Svetlogorsk(Rauschen) – the most beautiful resorts of Kaliningrad region.
The first stop is in Zelenogradsk/Cranz.
The German name Cranz, originally Cranzkuhren, derives from the old Prussian word krantas, meaning "the coast". Zelenogradsk has become well-known since 1816, now it is the most favorite place for Kaliningrad citizens and visitors.
Zelenogradsk preserves the charm of a small flat sea town with its streets leading to the man-made parapet on the seaside. The underwater sea currents create most favourable resort conditions in this area. Zelenogradsk is located within a 10 minutes drive from the unique sanctuary 'the Curonian spit'.

Next stop is the acknowledged tourist centre – Svetlogorsk/Rauschen – it became known as a resort in 1913. You will enjoy the town's treelined streets, pine woods and beaches as well as visit a former Catholic church, the XIXth century Water Tower and Art Noveau Bathhouse.

National Park Curonian Spit (Kurshskaya Kosa)

We will take you to one of the most unique cultural landscape with wooded sand dunes and magic forests.
The Curonian spit is a natural formation. It took several thousand years for the spit to shape out from the sands blown by the wind and dragged by the sea waves and to finally form a narrow sandy neck of land that separates the Curonian Gulf from the Baltic Sea.
The spit is about 100 km long (98 km, to be more precise) and connects the Kaliningrad region with Lithuania. Its widest part is 3.8 km and the narrowest point is 400 m.
This place has no rivals in the world. It is an unforgettable intercourse with na-ture. You will visit the museum of the spit, station of the migrating birds of the Zoo Institute, mount on the top of the highest dune Efa.

The Heart of the Baltic fleet - Baltiysk / Pillau

We invite you to the journey to a Russia's westernmost edge! 
It is a huge navy base of Russia, located on the Baltic. It has been opened to foreign visitors since 1995, but you have to get the special permission beforehand.
Among the main sightseeings in Baltiysk is the pentagonal Pillau Citadel, founded by the Swedes in 1626, completed by the Prussians in 1670, renovated in 1870 and currently holding a naval museum; the ruins of the 13th-century Lochstadt Castle; a maze of 19th-century naval fortifications; the Naval Cathedral of St. George (1866); the 32-metre Expressionist observation tower  (1932); the Gothic Revival building of the Baltic Fleet Museum (1903); and an elegant Lighthouse, dating from 1813. A stone cross, erected in 1830 to commemorate the supposed spot of St. Adalbert of Prague's martyrdom, was destroyed by the Soviets and restored a millennium after the event, in 1997.

Please note, the special permit to visit Baltiysk is required.

The Greatness of Amber - Yantarny (Palmnicken)

Excursion to the unique place –Yantarny (Palmnicken) – the site of the world's only amber mine, you'll see both old and working mines, visit Amber private workshop and the Museum, take a walk in the beautiful park of Bekker;
A monument and a memorial stone on the beach commemorate the almost 3000 Jews who were shot or driven into the sea by members of the German SS in Palmnicken on January 31, 1945.

East Prussia provinces -Sovetsk (Tilsit) – Neman (Ragnit) –Chernyakhovsk (Insterburg)

This tour starts with a drive to the North-East, visiting the ruins of the XVth century church in Gross Legitten. It was not damaged during the War, but was immediately abandoned and is now in poor condition.
The drive to Polessk (Labiau) is through several villages whose German past is clearly visible in their architecture. Labiau itself has been largely rebuilt but the ruins of the XIII century Teutonic castle remain, as do several large XIX century town
Sovietsk (Tilsit), the next town to be visited, has held onto more of its German past with
many streets still as they were originally built.The Queen Louise Bridge across the Neman River is now a border with Lithuania. Visitors can get close enough to take photographs.
Chernyakhovsk (Insterburg) was the third city of East Prussia and is now equally important in Kaliningrad region. Buildings from each of the last eight centuries testify to its long history and still there is a hope that many will be restored.
Neman (Ragnit) is still dominated by its Teutonic Castle which now lies
in ruins.

The Legends and Tales of Curonian Spit

We offer a one-day trip to one of the most unique areas in Europe.
The Curonian Spit is an area of wooded sand dunes,which separates Baltic Sea from the freshwater of the  Curonian Lagoon.
The national park offers  opportunities to see migrating birds at the Ornithological station in Rybachy(Rossiten) founded by professor Thinemann
and the nearby museum tells the history of the spit's formation and the stories of its inhabitants. You will see amazing “Dancing Forest” and take a walk to the dune Efa, the second highest sand dune in Europe,where you can hear the 'singing sands' and beautiful nature of the area around.


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