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печать A visa is an official document that permits a foreign visitor to enter and exit the Russian Federa-tion or to travel through its territory (transit visa). Visas are issued by Russian embassies and consulates in the country of a person's permanent residence, on the basis of an official invitation or a tourist voucher.

If you are planning to visit Russia, you will have to obtain your entry visa to be stamped in your passport. This visa requirement is valid for almost all foreign citizens, with exception of those who live in the CIS countries. There are various visa types depending on the purpose of your visit.

Tourist visas are issued to foreign citizens and visitors without a citizenship traveling to the Rus-sian Federation as tourists. Visa applicants must have the following papers: a letter of confirmation from a Russian travel agency with indication of arrival and departure dates as well as places of visit in Russia; the travel agency's reference number.

The initial document needed to obtain a tourist visa is a tourist invitation (voucher). A tourist in-vitation is issued by a travel agency that is accredited with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Baltic Exotic Ltd. is authorized to offer you visa support.

Tourist visas are valid for the period not exceeding 30 days from the date of their issuing.

Three easy steps to get your Russian visa via Baltic Exotic

• Make a hotel reservation and pay for your accommodation in advance. You can email or fax to us your booking order, fill up the request form or else contact us directly by phone.
• Indicate the following information in your order:

your full name (as in your passport);
your passport number and its expiry date;
your birth date;
arrival and departure dates;
Russian Embassy/Consulate where you are going to apply for your visa.

• On receipt of the visa support and hotel confirmation forwarded to you by Baltic Exotic, obtain your Russian visa at the Embassy/Consulate as indicated above.

Important notes
• Letters of tourist visa support and hotel reservation vouchers shall be directed to us by fax or email. Please state your contact details.
• In compliance with the Law of the Russian Federation, you are required to register your visa within 72 hours from your entry. Contact our office in Kaliningrad for assistance.

Cost of visa support services:

1 - 5 persons                         6 or more persons

Single-entry € 35                  € 30
Double-entry € 40                € 35

Please note: This type of visa cannot be extended and you should enter and leave the country within the fixed dates.Be sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months beyond the end of your trip.

How to read your Russian visa?

When you get your visa it is necessary to check all information and try to prevent errors if you found them. Pay your attention on number of entries and date of validity, this information is very important for your unobstructed coming to Russia.


1. Entries
This field contains information about number of entries to Russia. Therearethreekindsofentries:
o однократная – Singleentry
o двукратная – Doubleentry
o многократная – Multipleentry

2. Date of issue
The field contains the date when your Russian visa was issued. Thefollowingformatisuseddd. mm. yyyy.

3. Nationality
USA, Great Britain and so on.

4. Date of validity
The field gives you information about the period of validity of your visa.

5. Type
Special code is determined a type of your visa.

6. Family name, given name
Your first name and your surname.

7. Date of birth
This field contains the date of your birth in the following format dd. mm. yyyy.

8. Sex
МУЖ — Male, ЖЕН – Female

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