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So, you have decided to hit the road and visit Kaliningrad. It might be worth keeping in mind that Kaliningrad is a special region and therefore we recommend that you read this information.

In fact, getting to Kaliningrad is as easy as getting to any other Russian city. Once you have your Russian visa in hand and your passport, your only task would be choosing a route and a transport means. There are several options to get to Kaliningrad.

We will tell you about a few of them and we hope it will help you to choose the best way.

By car

There are several border crossing points. From the Polish direction: Mamonovo - I and Mamоnovo - II, Bagrationovsk and Gusev. From the Lithuanian direction: Sovyetsk, Cherny-shevskoe and Morskoye (on the Curonian Spit). You will need Russian visa.
We arrange passenger transfers by car from/to Kaliningrad to/from any destination point in Eu-rope. Comfortable coaches and minibuses are waiting for their passengers!
The distance from Kaliningrad to the major European cities is relatively short: 350 km to Riga and Vilnius, 400 km to Warsaw, 600 km to Berlin, 650 km to Stockholm, 680 km to Copenha-gen, 850 km to Oslo, 900 km to Prague, Vienna, Budapest, and Helsinki; 1000 km to Bonn, 1200 km to Belgrade, Bucharest, Amsterdam, and Brussels; 1289 km to Moscow.

By plane

Welcome to the rennovated Kaliningrad airport Khrabrovo!
You can fly here from Moscow, St Petersburg, Minsk (Belorussia), Warsaw (Poland), Paris ( France) and Rome (Italy).
Upon your request, we can arrange 'airport-hotel-airport' transfer.

By train

You can get on a train to Kaliningrad in Berlin-Lichtenberg, Germany and in Gdansk, Poland, Otherwise, if you are already in Russia, there are rail connections with Kaliningrad from Moscow and St.-Petersburg.

By bus

It's probably one of the best travel options. Getting to Kaliningrad by bus is easy and quite cheap. Regular bus connections are available from a great number of locations in Europe:

• Hannover, Bremen, Bremenhafen, Stuttgart, Essen, Freiburg, Heillbronn in Germany;
• Warsaw, Gdansk in Poland;
• Vilnius, Klaipeda in Lithuania.

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